Maplewood Theater Exhibit

Remember or hear family tales about the Maplewood Theater’s glory days? The Durand Hedden House and Garden Association wants to hear from you! In preparation for a forthcoming exhibit, Durand Hedden is collecting pictures, ephemera, and anecdotes about the Maplewood Theater’s 86 year run. Did you happen snap a Polaroid when Ghostbusters was playing? Found something on eBay you want to share with the world? Even as much as an old ticket stub, we want it! Stories and memories are also welcome. Contact us at or 973-763-7712 to help make this exhibit a success.

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June 7, 2015, 1:00 PM

Remembering Gruning's

Oh for the simple pleasures of yester-year – like savoring the taste of a fresh peach ice cream cone on a warm spring day at Gruning’s ice cream parlor in South Orange or sharing a deluxe chocolate ice cream soda with a friend after school at The Top in Maplewood. Visit Durand-Hedden for a relaxed afternoon of fun recalling these adored community institutions that were a center of social life in the two towns.

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